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Engaging Resistant Adolescent in Therapy

recognize the signs: why is your adolescent resistant?

fear of judgment

Engaging a resistant adolescent in therapy often hits a wall due to societal stigmas. Stress that therapy is a healthy practice, not a sign of weakness.

trust issues

The thought of sharing personal struggles with a stranger can deter even adults. Assure your teen that therapy is a confidential and judgment-free zone.

strategies for enganging a resistant adolescent in therapy

intiate an open dialogue

The first step is opening a line of communication. Be straightforward; explain that therapy can be a game-changer.

Engaging resistant adolescent in therapy | Crown Adolescent Health

let them be a part of the process

Giving them a say in choosing the therapist can be pivotal. Involvement lessens resistance. It’s a simple yet effective way of engaging a resistant adolescent in therapy

test the waters with a trial session

A trial session is like a test drive for therapy. It eases the commitment pressure and can be a breakthrough in engaging a resistant adolescent in therapy. Crown Adolescent is non committal in the sense our intensive outpatient program runs on a weekly basis.

setting the stage: expectation management

lay out the ground rules

Confusion breeds resistance. Clarity about what to expect from therapy can be a game-changer in engaging a an adolescent in therapy.

highlight the collaborative nature of therapy

Ensure your adolescent understands that therapy isn’t something done to them. It’s a team effort. This perspective fosters engagement.

The Therapist's Role in Engaging

building trust quickly

Therapists have strategies to win trust. A skilled professional can turn the tide in engaging a resistant adolescent in therapy.

empowering the adolescent

The best therapists give control back to the teen. This empowerment is key in engaging a child in successful therapy.

engaging a resistant adolescent in therapy: when the resistance persists

stay the course

If your teen remains resistant, don’t lose hope. Engaging a resistant adolescent in therapy can be a marathon, not a sprint.

alternative avenues

Sometimes, a different approach can make all the difference. Books or online resources can serve as a stepping stone for alternative avenues with your child. 

final thoughts on engaging resistant adolescent in therapy: your role is crucial

Engaging an adolescent is no easy task, but your role as a parent or caregiver is crucial. Open dialogue, involvement in choices, and clear expectations are your best tools. If resistance continues, be flexible in your approach and consider alternative paths to mental well-being.

Your consistent support and engagement can change your adolescent’s view of therapy. Don’t underestimate your influence; it could be the key factor in successfully engaging your adolescent.

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