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Individualized Mental health programming

Everyone’s adolescence is unique! No two people have the same background, mental health issues, and life struggles. As a result, we develop completely customized therapy regimens to fit each person.

Our Program Summary

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment at our facility is comprehensive. It addresses a wide variety of mental health issues your teen may be struggling with.

The Advantages of a Teen Mental health treatment center

Treatment phases

Foster holistic healing for adolescents on their path to mental wellness.

Partial Program

- High Intensity -

Our teen partial program provides intensive mental health support in a structured, non-residential setting. Tailored to adolescents, it offers therapy, education, and skills development, fostering healing and resilience on their journey to better mental well-being.

After School IOP

- Low Intensity-

Our after-school intensive outpatient program is designed for teens seeking mental health support without disrupting their daily lives. Offering therapy, coping skills, and a nurturing environment, we empower adolescents to thrive while managing their mental well-being.


- Outcomes matter -

Crown Adolescent Mental Health’s aftercare program ensures lasting success beyond treatment. We provide ongoing support, resources, and therapy to help teens maintain their mental wellness achievements, empowering them to thrive in their everyday lives.

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How Much Does an Outpatient Center Cost?

Crown Adolescent Health’s Intensive Outpatient Program is tailored to each individual’s unique addiction, background, and mental health needs. We collaborate with US insurance providers for extensive coverage at a reasonable cost. Verify your insurance for treatment eligibility today

Success Stories

I just wanted to say that this facility is amazing! I spoke to the Admissions Coordinator Brendan Logan on the phone with so many questions about what would be the best program for a family member that is going through some issues, Brendan couldn’t be more patient with me and really helped me find the right placement my daughter and
I could not be more grateful for him and his kindness. Thank you again..

Laura F.
Family Member August 2023

This facility is great. The staff are compassionate and caring. Highly recommend for help and support for adolescents.

Athena M.
Family Member July 2023

I must say I was very impressed with that and the whole intake/sign up procedure. Some of the other caregivers my son has looked up the program and were very impressed with it.
Unfortunately, we had to delay our start due to unforseen circumstances but Brendan was very understanding and will hold our application so we don’t have to start from scratch.
One of the things I found the most appealing about the program is that during the school year their hours shift to 3-7 so kids can still attend school and then program.

Lori M.
Family Member August 2023

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